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114 Agencies participated in this October's National Take Back. A total of 31,712 pounds of unwanted/unused prescription medications were collected. Sansom Park collected 9 pounds.

(In comparison)                                                            Johnson Co Pct-1 = 3 lbs                                  University of Texas Arlington = 7 lbs                      Sansom Park PD = 9 lbs                                        Stephenville PD = 11 lbs                                        Joshua PD = 12 lbs

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Help Prevent Crime (Observe & Report Suspicious Activity)


If you are having a life threatening problem please call 911.

Impound and Auctions

Law enforcement vehicle tows and impounds fall under the Texas Transportation Code (§545.305), and Code of Criminal procedures (Art. 2.12). Police have the authority to tow and impound vehicles under the following circumstances:

  • Is unlawfully parked and blocking the entrance to a private driveway;
  • Has been reported as stolen;
  • Is unattended and the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the vehicle has been abandoned for longer than 48 hours;
  • Is disabled so that normal operation is impossible or impractical and the owner or person in charge of the vehicle is: (incapacitated and unable to provide for the vehicle's removal, or not in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle);
  • Is disabled so that normal operation is impossible or impractical and the owner or person in charge of the vehicle does not designate a particular towing or storage company;
  • Is operated by a person an officer arrests for an alleged offense and the officer is required by law to take the person into custody;  or
  • Is, in the opinion of the officer, a hazard, interferes with a normal function of a governmental agency, or because of a catastrophe, emergency, or unusual circumstance is imperiled. (No valid Insurance as verified through Texas Sure)

Tow / Impound Fee(s):    

Tow Fee: $200 (1-time fee), Impound Fee: $20 + $1.65 tax (1-time fee), Certified Letter Fee $50 (1-time fee after 48hrs), Storage Fee $20 +1.65 tax (recurring fee for each day or partial day of storage).      

(Payments are accepted 24hrs daily at the Sansom Park Police Dept.)                                                  *Authorized methods of payment are Credit/Debit Card, Cashier's Check, or Money Order.                                   *Cash payments are accepted at the Sansom Park City Hall during normal business hours ONLY.

The Auto Impound Auction is usually held the Last Friday of each month at noon (12pm) (as vehicles are available) at: The Sansom Park Municipal Complex at 5705 Azle Ave, Sansom Park, TX 76114

** THE NEXT AUCTION IS SCHEDULED FOR AUCTION ** Friday November 30th 2018  12(noon) at 5705 Azle Avenue, Sansom Park, TX 76114

*Check back in mid November for a list of vehicles included in the upcoming auction*

Racial Profiling is Prohibited. To view the Sansom Park Police Department policies on Racial Profiling please read our brochure on Racial Profiling (PDF).  2017_SPPD_RP_Data

Commendations or Complaints

If you would like to make a commendation or complaint against an employee of the Sansom Park Police Department complete our Commendations / Complaints Form (PDF).

SPPD Officer R.Eardley Received The MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) Enforcement Hero Award at the 1st Annual Awards Luncheon and was Recognized at the October 4th 2018 City Council Meeting

Eardley MADD Award

At the October 4th City Council Meeting SPPD Officer U.McGee Was Presented With The City's Employee Of The Quarter Award, for the 3rd Quarter of 2018

McGee Employee Quarter

The 2018 National Night Out Was a Great Time For All Who Attended