The Finance Department is responsible for all financial functions of the City of Sansom Park and provides accounting and budget services to all departments within the city, under the direction of the City Administrator.


Preforms necessary state and federal reporting requirements
Monitors budget compliance
Processes city accounts receivable and payable

CAFR 2016

CAFR 2017

CAFR 2018

CAFR 2019

CCPD FY2019-20 Adopted Budget

CCPD FY2018-19 Adopted Budget

Unclaimed Property List 2018
FY 2018-19 Adopted Operating Budget

2018 Ad Valorem Taxes Adopted

Annual Local Debt Report 2018

FY2019-20 Operating Budget

Leisa Barber, Accounts Payable Finance
  1. Leisa Barber

    Accounting Clerk
    Phone: 817-626-3791, ext. 110