Animal Control

Effective October 1, 2019; the City of Sansom Park will be contracting with the City of Lake Worth for Animal Control Services.   You will continue to contact  the Sansom Park Police Communications at 817-626-1921 for daytime and after hours request, emergencies, sick, or injured animals.

City of Sansom Park updated   Animal Control and Care Ordinance EFFECTIVE October 1, 2019

  1. Further information can be found on the link LAKE WORTH ANIMAL SHELTER


Sec. A4.001 Animal control fees


Animal Adoption (includes micro-chip & flea preventative)


Animal Quarantine – Non-Resident


Animal Quarantine – Resident


Animal Impound – 1st


Animal Impound – 2nd


Animal Impound – 3rd or more


Dart Fee


City Registration – 1-year tag


City Registration – 3-year tag


Dangerous Animal Registration (annually)


Euthanasia (must be currently registered with city)


Hen Permit (annually)


Live Trap Replacement


Microchip – Non-Resident


Microchip – Resident


Multiple Pet Registration (annually)


Owner Animal Surrender


Rabies Vaccination Voucher