Common Code Violations

Address Numbers
Section 3.13.001- 3.13.030

Address Numbers Front                                                            Image result for address visible on a mailbox 

Requires residences to have address numbers displayed on the front of the residence and on both side of your mailbox. Numbers should be visible from the street. Numbers should be at least three (3) inches high by one-half inch wide.

Parking on residential lots
Section 12.04.002


 Prohibits the parking of vehicles or equipment on properties without an improved parking surface.

Tall weeds and grass along sidewalk or street
Section. 6.04.005
Limps, Trees, Brush                                                                             

 Trees, shrubs and plans shall not create an obstruction over sidewalks, or streets, and shall not block the view of any traffic sign or intersection. Grass cannot be grown to a height that exceeds 12 inches

Rubbish, brush or other unsanitary or objectionable matter
Section 6.04.006

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It is unlawful to permit any rubbish, brush, any and all other objectionable, unsightly or unsanitary matter of whatever nature to accumulate or be present upon any lot, tract or parcel of land

Unlawful parking deemed nuisance: removal of vehicle
Section 12.05.012

Parking Boats-Trailers

Any motor vehicle, trailer or wheeled vehicle found standing or parked in or upon any public road, alley or public right-of-way within the city in violation of the provisions of this article shall be deemed a nuisance.